Welcome to Soulmates

Introducing Soulmates by Ikano Centres
Anchored by IKEA Southeast Asia, our vision is to “Create a better everyday life for the many people”, celebrating the diversity that exists in us all no matter our backgrounds.

With that belief, we are committed to connect and help young entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups alike to continue dreaming big, especially in these times of need. To provide them with a welcoming space where they can create memorable moments and connect with their customers seamlessly too.

To be more than just a group of shopping centres, but meting place that fosters CONNECTIONS and TOGETHERNESS with our community, so they may grow and thrive further in their dreams as well.

We want to be their Soulmates.

What is Soulmates?
Soulmates is an initiative by IKANO Centres that aims to help support businesses during this difficult time by providing them with a fully furnished space that they can simply choose to rent by the hour or day. A hassle-free arrangement so they can continue chasing their dreams and build up their businesses.

Our purpose
In our vision to “Create a better everyday life for the many people”, it is crucial our business partners are also taken care of as the pandemic has shown us, how important it is to help one another to create a positive future for everyone.

Our Target Audience
To anyone eager to begin building their dreams from young entrepreneurs, small businesses, retail professionals to event organizers and more.

About our malls


Anchored by IKEA Tebrau, Toppen is set to become the heart and hub of the community in Johor Bahru. With over 300 shops and a first-of-its-kind open rooftop, the Topp, Toppen is a great place for shopping, leisure, and meeting with friends and family.


IPC Shopping Centre is your quintessential neighbourhood shopping centre, where memories are made and time is well spent, with people that matter. Anchored by IKEA Damansara and integrated with a wide range of value-driven retailers, it is a home away from home, amidst the tranquillity of Scandinavian design and atmosphere where you’ll always find that positive warmth as you browse through the array of shopping offerings and more.