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General enquiries
What is Soulmates?
Soulmates is a platform providing fully furnished vacant premises, common areas and other facilities with rent per hour/day and support with consultancy/business knowledge.
Who can join Soulmates
Everyone and anyone! We welcome freelancers, small business owners and etc to participate as long as their offering is obliged by the laws of Malaysia.
What equipments do Soulmates premises provide?
All the equipments and amenities provided are stated in our website. You may bring along additional product or equipments if needed.
Do I need to have official business license to book?
Nope. All Soulmates premises are covered under MBJB's license to ease all freelancers in booking Soulmates.
Do I have to pay extra for utilities?
Nope, all fees is included in booking fees.
Do I have to sanitize the premises before using?
Nope, Soulmates management will conduct full sanitization of premises before and after bookings to ensure safe and hygienic premises is provided to our participants.
Do my client need to be fully vaccinated?
Yes. All participants and business owner need to complete their vaccination and after 14 days to join.
Booking enquiries
What type of spaces can I book?
All offering that you see on Soulmates website for example Beauty category, Fitness category and etc.
Does Soulmates booking requires minimal booking hours ?
Yes, minimal booking hours will be 2 hours per transaction.
Can I book multiple premises and date?
Yes. You may book multiple premises on different date and time.
Can I book on the same day of my appointment date?
Yes. As long as the premises is still empty, you may book 2 hour prior to your start time.
Cancellation enquiries
If I ended early, possible to get refund ?
No refund will be provided for unutilized booking period.
Can I cancel my Soulmates booking?
No booking cancellation is allowed. For further question or inquires do contact Soulmate’s management team for discussion.
Payment enquiries
How do we make payment for Soulmates?
All payment will be via online from our Soulmates platform to ease transaction for our participants.
What will be the payment currency for Soulmates?
All payment and fees will be calculated in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR).
I had completed my payment but didn't received booking invoice or confirmation. What should I do?
Do email us at customer.toppen@ikano.asia and we shall assist you from our end.